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Ready to make a move, put your skills to better use or start working toward a career in the skilled trades? Click below and see the new trades opportunities we have available.


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Ready to make a move, put your skills to better use or start working toward a career in the skilled trades? Click below and see the new trades opportunities we have available.

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Blue Collar Recruiting in Wilmington

In the ever-evolving landscape of skilled trades, the shortage of blue collar talent has become a critical factor impacting businesses, experienced tradespeople and students alike. The Blue Collar Recruiter in the Wilmington/Cape Fear region is committed to significantly improving the job search and hiring process for the talented job candidates and local employers we serve.

Ethan Bickley’s, President/CEO, goal in opening the Wilmington office is to “connect the incredible people with the great employers here in the Cape Fear region.” Ethan’s deep commitment to eastern North Carolina is the driving force in his desire to make a positive impact for the blue collar professionals. “I would like other people to enjoy this area while finding meaningful employment opportunities that will improve the area I live in.”

An accomplished personnel leader and manager in military, private security, and business environments, Ethan served in the military/private security industry for most of his adult career. He understands the struggle of looking for employment and the needs of local employers. That experience comes in part from a difficult transition to the civilian sector after so many years in service to our country. “I know what it is to have a hard time paying the bills, to struggle to find meaningful work. I also understand the frustration employers face in matching qualified people with the jobs they need done in order to successfully grow their companies. That’s why I believe I can serve both needs as a Blue Collar Recruiter.”

Wilmington Skilled Trade Recruiting. Consulting. Career Development.

Our Blue Collar Recruiter mission is clear.

  • For our employer clients, we know how vital it is to have the right people with the right skills on your team. Our role is to find the people you need to serve your customers and help grow your companies.
  • For skilled tradespeople, we work hard to put you and your hard-earned expertise in front of the company owners and managers who will value your skills. We work with you as a job candidate, to understand what career moves you want to make and the job opportunities that will further your professional goals.

We understand how under-served the employers and candidates are that make the skilled trade industries run. We have designed a system incorporating discovery, training, and effective placement to do our part in tackling this challenge.

We are recruiting advocates for the skilled trades, not only in Wilmington, North Carolina, but also throughout the Midwest and across the U.S. for partners with a regional or national scope. Let’s partner and begin the recruiting journey together.

Education designed for accelerated success

The Blue Collar Virtual Trade School offers a modern approach to learning a trade through combining cutting-edge virtual technology with the experience of real industry experts. By training people for in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, facility/multi-family facility management, appliance repair, and solar installation, we provide access to a solid career, good money, and freedom from debt—all from the comfort of one's own home.


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