The Blue Collar Virtual Trade School

The Blue Collar Virtual Trade School mission

People ask why I started The Blue Collar Virtual Trade School. Quite simply there are not enough qualified people to meet job demands. How do I know? I owned a successful residential service business. Hiring qualified people was always a challenge. Now, I assist employers across the USA to find, train, and hire qualified people.

Troy Latuff
Founder and President

The Blue Collar Virtual Trade School and The Blue Collar Recruiter

New Students. Get into the Trades.

The Blue Collar Virtual Trade School offers access to a solid career, good money and freedom from debt—all through a level of professional development and mobility you can achieve from the comfort of your own home.

Learning a skilled trade promises to be one of the reliable and advantageous means of earning a living—we train people for careers in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, facility/multi-family facility management, appliance repair and solar installation. And, we make every effort to match our graduates with the employers who need their highly valuable skill sets.

You can expect
  • Specific trade courses in HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Appliance Repair, Facility Maintenance, Multi-Family Maintenance and Solar
  • Access to the Other Trades Curriculum
  • Learn from Industry Experts with Virtual Reality 3D Simulations
  • Exam prep for EPA and NATE Certifications included
  • Resume Writing Assistance
  • Interview Preparation
  • School Counselor Assistance & Technical Support
  • Live Weekly Mentoring
  • Learn all technical aspects of the trade you are interested in PLUS Business Workplace and Customer Service Skills 
  • We will help find a job opportunity in your area after course completion.
  • Graduate in as little as 3 Months

Continuing your education. Developing your trade.

Technology and technique are always evolving to better serve the trade and the consumer. Our VR-enabled courses keep you familiar with and proficient in the latest tools and approaches to your tradecraft. Every instructor is an experienced professional who has a hands-on understanding of your industry, speaks your language and will add to the value of your skill set. 

You can expect
  • 100% Self Paced/or Employer Managed
  • Access to All Trades Curriculum
  • Simulated Technical Training and Refresher Courses
  • School Counselor Support
  • EPA Types I, II, III & Universal Refresher
  • Nate Readiness Courses
  • Job Placement Assistance for those looking for new opportunities after course completion.
  • Access to all courses for 12 months

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