use the blue collar virtual trade school for team Technical training

Use The Blue Collar Virtual Trade School to Train Your TEAM Today!

Everyone knows that continuous training is a vital part of an athlete's daily routine because it increases their performance. It also improves skill levels, builds up strength, endurance, and improves confidence and motivation.

This is no different for your skilled technicians. Keeping your technicians fresh, and technically proficient is the right thing to do—plus it pays for itself almost immediately!

Team training for the Trades has never been easier with on-line VR. Low Cost. High Reward.

For under $35 per month, per employee, you can access the worlds leading team training platform for the Trades. Utilizing our videos, digital training simulations, and virtual reality scenarios to develop on-the-job skills quickly and efficiently. This is a fantastic and engaging platform for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical team training, or to refresh individual team member skills. Plus as a manager you can track the progress of each of your technicians with our robust manager dashboard.

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