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Wilmington – Cape Fear Region, Newest Location for The Blue Collar Recruiter

Wilmington franchise owner, Ethan Bickley, has announced the opening of his Wilmington Blue Collar Recruiter office. Ethan’s deep commitment to eastern North Carolina is the driving force in his desire to make a positive impact for blue collar professionals. Ethan explains his motivation as encouraging other people to “enjoy this area while finding excellent employment opportunities that improve the area we all call home.”

An accomplished personnel leader and manager in military, private security, and business environments, Ethan has used his skills to build and enhance these industry sectors for most of his adult career. That experience informs Ethan’s keen understanding of the struggles candidates face in finding meaningful employment as well as the urgent needs of employers to attract and recruit top talent to drive their businesses forward.

“I know what it is to have a hard time paying the bills, to struggle to find fulfilling work,” said Bickley. “I also understand the frustration employers face in matching qualified people with the jobs they need done in order to successfully grow their companies. With The Blue Collar recruiter and Virtual Trade School, I can serve both needs as Wilmington’s Blue Collar Recruiter.”

The Blue Collar Recruiter of Wilmington offers an array of career opportunities at several levels across a wide range of residential and commercial trade services, including:
• All skilled trade positions, such as technicians, installers, plumbers and electricians
• Skilled positions in aviation, maritime, manufacturing, transportation
• Supervisors and General Managers
• Cargo Identification/Handling/Movement
• Maritime engineers
• Sales professionals
• Office staff
• Trades license holders

The Blue Collar Recruiter focuses on helping employers identify the right-fit talent needed to grow their businesses. Through the innovative Virtual Trade School, TBCR presents candidates with a strategic roadmap to success in the trades industry, underscoring the firm’s commitment to comprehensive career development.

For more information connect with Ethan at or call 910-778-1066. Message Ethan on LinkedIn.

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