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Our firm is uniquely focused on recruiting, training, and inspiring the blue collar workforce that keeps our country running.

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The Blue Collar Recruiter is a critical resource in a talent market where professional trades people are in high demand. To meet employer hiring needs our Blue Collar Virtual Trade School offers training for people new to the trades and refresher courses for seasoned professionals.

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The Blue Collar Virtual Trade School offers a modern approach to learning a trade through combining cutting-edge virtual technology with the experience of real industry experts. By training people for in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, facility/multi-family facility management, appliance repair, and solar installation, we provide access to a solid career, good money, and freedom from debt—all from the comfort of one's own home.

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Our recruiters and industry-expert educators form a one-stop shop for skilled professionals, aspiring students and the employers who depend on a steady pipeline of highly valuable skilled labor and leadership.

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