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The Blue Collar Recruiter is pleased to present an exclusive business opportunity in the high-value, luxury market inflatable products industry. This well-established and profitable company is the world’s sole manufacturer of custom inflatable products. They specialize in creating bespoke custom inflatables for land and sea, including giant water slides, yacht slides, and various other yacht and water toys. Additionally they offer a wide range of specialized, custom OEM products.

Innovative, Custom Inflatable Designs Engineered for:

  • Yacht Slides and Yacht Rock Walls
  • Yacht Docking Systems
  • Dock/Seawall Slides 
  • Beach Resort Slides
  • A Variety of Inflatable Land and Sea Toys

Key Business Sale Details

  • Flagship Products are the world’s largest inflatable wet/dry slides, engineered as a safe, low-cost, and low-maintenance alternative to traditional hard-sided slides. With over 110 installations worldwide, these products have opened new markets previously off-limits to built-in structures.
  • Recognized Market Leadership and Innovation are at the core of this company’s long-term success. This manufacturer was the first to permanently place an inflatable slide, comparable in scale to theme park slides, on a public beach in the USA.
  • Cutting-Edge Developments. The company’s latest innovation is the world’s first sealed-air inflatable water slide. This accomplishment attracted global companies interested in developing inflatable versions of their hard plastic products, as well as other novel, luxury market concepts.
  • Expansion Potential, Worldwide Opportunities. This business prides itself on being the only truly bespoke supplier of inflatable products worldwide. It is an exceptional opportunity for an entrepreneur or investor looking to lead in a niche market with innovative and customizable products. 

Contact us for Confidential Details! 

For confidentiality reasons, further details will be provided upon inquiry and signing a non-disclosure agreement. If you are interested in learning more, please reply to this email or contact us at 512-827-0875. You can also select a convenient time on Our Calendar, CLICK HERE.

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