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What Qualified Applicants Really Want from Your Position

Finding qualified and reliable workers for your open positions isn’t as easy as it once was. The competition is fierce, and every job seeker is looking for a position that offers more than just a paycheck. Applicants in today’s world want to work for businesses that value work-life balance. In order to attract the best qualified applicants, you need to think outside the box and offer benefits and perks that go beyond the standard package.

Extra perks or incentives offered over and above the salary are known to have a significant impact on employee engagement and retention. When companies provide their employees with great job benefits and perks, it increases employee dedication and loyalty, which will cost the company less due to lower turnover rates. When it comes to the skilled trades industry, some traditional perks may not apply. For example, it’s hard to work on a construction site remotely. However, there are a number of creative benefits and perks that could make your company stand out from the competition:

Stand Out with Flexibility

Qualified applicants are looking for a list of perks that stand out from similar positions. By offering benefits that appeal specifically to your unique workforce, you are showing that you understand their needs and that their value goes beyond their timecard. Some unique perks to consider are:

  • Boot and Tool Allowance: One of the biggest expenses for tradespeople is their equipment. Offering a monthly or yearly allowance for boots, tools and safety gear can be a major draw for job seekers.
  • Weekly Pay: Traditionally, many companies pay their employees on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. However, offering weekly pay can be a big advantage for workers who need the flexibility to manage their finances more frequently.
  • Birthdays Off: It may seem like a small gesture, but giving employees the day off on their birthday can be a meaningful perk that shows you value them as individuals.
  • Flexible Work Weeks: Tradespeople often work long and irregular hours. Offering flexible work weeks, such as four 10-hour days, rotating shifts, afternoon/early evening shifts or mixed shift days to cover weekends can be a big advantage for employees who need to balance work with personal obligations. Allowing your team members workplace flexibility creates a cohesive balance many millennial and Gen Z qualified applicants desire.

Look Beyond Health Insurance

Healthy employees have fewer absences, are more productive, and are less prone to work-related injury, so any time you have a chance to invest back in your team members to ensure they are healthy is money well spent.

This doesn’t just include physical health, either. In 2019, 83 percent of employers said they believed their company’s wellness program had a positive impact on workers’ health, and 84 percent believed the programs have a positive impact on performance and productivity.

By offering out-of-the-box health benefits, trades companies can not only attract and retain top talent but also improve the overall health and well-being of their workforce.

  • Wellness programs: Trades companies can offer wellness programs that promote healthy habits among their employees, such as gym memberships, fitness classes, or healthy eating programs. These programs can help reduce healthcare costs, increase productivity, and improve employee morale.
  • Mental health services: Mental health is just as important as physical health, especially for tradespeople who work in high-stress environments. Trades companies can offer mental health services, such as counseling or therapy, to their employees as part of their health benefits package.
  • Onsite healthcare services: Trades companies can provide onsite healthcare services, such as flu shots or first aid, to their employees. This can help prevent illnesses and injuries and reduce the need for employees to take time off work to visit a doctor.
  • Financial wellness programs: Financial stress can have a negative impact on an employee’s overall health and well-being. Trades companies can offer financial wellness programs, such as financial planning or debt management, to their employees to help alleviate financial stress.
  • Telemedicine services: Telemedicine services allow employees to access medical care remotely, reducing the need for them to take time off work to visit a doctor. Trades companies can offer telemedicine services as part of their health benefits package, making it easier for employees to access medical care when they need it.

Continuing Education Opportunities

It is one thing to have a skillset to complete a job function, but it’s another thing entirely to continue that skillset through growth and continuing education. Giving your team members the tools to succeed is one of the main pillars of employee satisfaction and engagement.

  • True Effectiveness Training: Providing specialized training in skills such as time management, problem-solving and team-building can help employees become more effective in their roles.
  • Technical and Summer Safety Training: Ensuring that your employees are up to date with the latest safety protocols can help reduce workplace accidents and injuries. Summer safety training can help employees understand the risks associated with working in extreme heat and how to prevent heat-related illnesses.
  • Soft Skills Training: Business aspects, customer service, and other soft skills are important for employees in any industry. Providing training in these areas can help your employees communicate more effectively with customers and colleagues, leading to increased job satisfaction and better overall performance.

By investing in your team members, you improve workplace productivity. This is why we started The Blue Collar Virtual Trade School. This program offers access to a solid career, good money, and freedom from debt-all through a level of professional development and mobility you can achieve from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re a new student or just need a refresher course, The Blue Collar Virtual Trade School helps train people for careers in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, facility/multi-family facility management, appliance repair and solar installation.

In addition to our Virtual Trade School, you can host educational seminars, provide skills-based training opportunities, sponsor or fund courses that team members are already taking via tuition reimbursement, or schedule flexibility so they can attend advanced training.

These benefits and perks may seem small, but they can make a big difference in attracting and retaining qualified workers. By showing that you value your employees’ well-being and are willing to invest in their success, you can build a strong and loyal team that will help your business thrive.

Our recruiting team at The Blue Collar Recruiter form a one-stop shop for skilled professionals, aspiring students and blue-collar employers who depend on a steady pipeline of highly valuable skilled labor and leadership. Contact our team to learn about what qualified applicants are really looking for and what we can do to help find the right ones for your team.

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