Your tradecraft expert, providing you every opportunity to learn and grow.


Digital training simulations and VR develop your on-the-job skills quickly and efficiently. 

$900 FULL TUITION COST – pay over 12 months or upfront.

Already working in the trades? Refresher Courses Just $350.

The Blue Collar Virtual Trade School offers online remote training for HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Solar and Facility Maintenance careers. 100% Remote Training – Recognized by Trades Employers.

Why choose The Blue Collar Virtual Trade School?

Start your new career in a high demand job with great pay, unlimited career opportunities and job security. Searching for a solid career, good money and freedom from debt? Learning a skilled trade promises to be one of the most reliable means of making a living — particularly in light of today’s high unemployment levels. We train people for work in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, facility management and solar trade careers and we match our graduates with the employers who want to hire them. 

  • Online Skilled Trade School ~ Learn all technical aspects of the trade PLUS business and customer service skills 
  • Learn from Home – Graduate in 3 months or less
  • Get your first job – The Blue Collar Recruiter has hundreds of job openings to fill. 
  • Classes taught by industry experts, Virtual Reality 3D Simulations
  • Includes exam prep studies for trade certification
  • Finish coursework up to 4x faster than traditional trade schools and pay only a small fraction of the cost!

PLUS We Will Help You Find Your First Trades Job

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