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Managing your job seeker social media is critical. Almost ALL* hiring managers will google a job applicant’s name to view their  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social sites.

Why? Most just want to get a sense of the candidate’s personality. No, it’s not about negative content.

So, if you are looking to make a career move, or get into a field you have been studying for, it’s a good idea to look from the outside in — at who you seem to be from a social media perspective!

A little creativity along with a professional online presence and a personality that’s friendly – can go a long way to putting you at the top of a hiring list.

Good communication is important too! Watch your spelling, grammar, and use of social slang. 

Needless to say (we hope) inappropriate photos and comments about alcohol and drug use are bad news… IF you want your social media sites to help you with your job search!

Other DON’Ts are:

  • Bad-mouthing previous employers
  • Complaining about current employers or co-workers
  • Negative comments about race, religion and gender are all job-hunting turnoff

Benefits that employees look for outside of common work perks:

  • 30% are seeking a four-day work week
  • 28% hope to have their birthday off
  • 24% seek mental health and wellness benefits
  • 21% prefer to work remotely full-time
  • 16% would like paid sabbatical leave
  • 13% would be interested in pet insurance
  • 10% look for fertility or new baby benefits

Notably, perks related to work schedules supersede financial offerings for employees including a signing bonus (28%), student loan repayment (20%), childcare or daycare stipend (19%) and tuition reimbursement (15%). 

*CareerBuilder/Harris Poll, 2022

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