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Sourcing field employees is a big challenge, even with today’s record unemployment numbers. All service-based industries are looking for the same talent. Maybe that’s a mistake, here’s why.

There are three general pipelines for recruiting. Nothing is new about the first two: hire people away from the competition and hire from tech schools. 

The third path is proving to be the most successful. Hire for character and train for the skill. Many of the larger players in HVAC have done this with great success. But, doing it on your own takes significant human capital along with financial investment. Regardless of size, home service business owners don’t have to take this on.

If there’s anything that 2020 is teaching us, it is that virtual learning is finally coming into its own. And why not! One of the biggest adoptions of technology for the trades has been the use of VR technology to train employees across all industries. With a massive, worldwide shortage of skilled labor, Virtual Reality and immersive learning are among some of the best solutions available to assist with filling all those job vacancies.

All organizations train their workforce and most spend a significant time doing so. Training programs can range from informal and disorganized to heavily regimented and process-driven. It’s important to understand that training is only as good as its ability to help your team retain information and perform relevant skills.

The BlueCollar Recruiter & Virtual Trade School helps busy owners find the talent they need by taking the third path. Working together, everyone benefits. Hire people with the personality to be great with customers. Place them in on-the-job, pre-apprentice roles. They train virtually for half of the day and serve in the field as helpers for half of the day. Ask us about recruiting strategies for skilled trades jobs.

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