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HVAC Techs, Plumbers, Electricians. All 3 rank in the TOP 12 TRADE JOBS MOST IN DEMAND TODAY, according to a recently published article from

HVAC, plumbing and electrical trades all offer jobs that pay well. 

Just graduating high school? Lost your job? Enjoy the challenge of working hands-on? Some of the best paying jobs are in the skilled trades. Need a great career move? One that you can train for right now, from home? Keep reading, we’ll tell you how to get started, but first consider these facts from a recent article!

HVAC Technicians, $23.25/hour – national average salary

Install, repair and maintain heating, ventilation, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. Perform all of these services or specialize in specific jobs like residential or commercial system installations.

Plumbers, $24.58/hour – national average salary

Install appliances that connect to water and gas supply lines. Use critical thinking skills to weigh different solutions given specific job conditions. 

Electricians, $24.83/hour – national average salary

Install and maintain electrical systems in homes, businesses and factories. Practice critical thinking skills to diagnose and resolve problems. 

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