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Have you run across job ads with Employee Experience or Customer Experience in the title? One recent job The Blue Collar Recruiter posted for was titled Customer Experience Director. Google Employee Experience job openings and you’re likely to find more than 500,000 jobs listed. 

If you’re like a lot of us, these titles may have caused you to stop and ponder. What does it mean? A better question might be how do these titles make you feel? 

Loved this LinkedIn report, even tho it came out in January ’20. Some good confirmation of trends we’re seeing in 2021! According to LinkedIn’s 10th annual Global Trends Report you should be feeling empathy: “Empathy is the superpower that will help companies find the most value amid changing expectations from employees in an increasingly tight labor market.”

The report zeroed in on four welcoming trends that reflect our changing world of work.

Trend #1: Companies are starting to work for employees and prioritize their needs – not the other way around. 

Trend #2: People Analytics: Data is now accessible to all, and understanding and capitalizing on analytics is quickly becoming a must-have skill in HR. 

Trend #3: Internal Recruiting: Talent professionals are rediscovering a key talent pool. 

Trend #4: Multigenerational Workforce – Later retirements and the arrival of Gen Z prompts companies to embrace age diversity in the workforce. 

 You can read the full report here. 

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