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Upskill at a Flexible Pace

Open Doors to Personalized Training

Better Job Outcomes

For employers, hiring is one of the most painful aspects of running a business. In the HVAC and Plumbing trades, ever-worsening labor shortages make recruiting even harder. The nation’s job openings for HVAC techs and plumbers continue to increase. The number of people qualified for these blue collar jobs is not keeping pace with openings.

But what if you could broaden your hiring net and attract more candidates?

That is what The Blue Collar Recruiter’s robust online training platform allows you to do. Virtual reality, online training opens new doors to nontraditional candidates who may not have the skills or knowledge of a seasoned candidate but can become strong technicians for your company with some training.

With 87% of millennials reporting that professional development or career growth opportunities are important to them in a job, providing access to training can be a serious differentiator that can help your company stand out in a crowded candidates’ market and attract top technicians. (See Gallup’s latest on How Millennials want to Work and Live.)

Upskill at a Flexible Pace

Unlike classroom-only settings, where all learners study the same material at the same pace, online training allows people to learn autonomously at their own pace.

So, when a learner comes across a section of course material that doesn’t make sense, they can slow down and rewind or even start over and repeat the lesson from the beginning. In a traditional classroom setting, it’s difficult to accommodate the optimal pace for each learner since each class happens in real-time for all students.

Learn No Matter Where Students Are, or What Time It Is

Online equals on-demand. It’s flexible and accessible. Students learn when and where their schedules permit. For employers, online training can also be used to intentionally plan and design professional development pathways for employees. For the newer generations of skilled tradespeople, employers who offer opportunities to upskill, and potentially advance within the company, can be essential in choosing one employer over another.

Open Doors to Personalized Training

Online training is one of the most effective ways to improve technicians’ performance on service calls because on-demand training can be assigned based on techs’ specific needs and areas requiring extra training.

For example, if a technician is struggling with a particular type of service call, having online/self-paced training provides a refresh on fundamental work skills.

Better Job Outcomes, Better Bottom Lines

Quality job performance on residential service calls is probably the most valued outcome a homeowner needs. Shoring up consistency on service calls and satisfying customer expectations means fewer call-backs and a healthy first-time fix rate. That’s your company’s bottom line.

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