Recruiter Lite - VIP Job Posting Service

What can our postings only service do for your company?

Want to do your own recruiting? Need help creating effective job posts? Want to be seen on all of the most popular job boards? Simplify your search and let The Blue Collar Recruiter help you!

The Blue Collar Recruiter knows how to write the roles you are looking to hire. Our proven methods grab the attention of strong skilled trades candidates.

  • With some basic information from you, we will create attention-getting/professional job posts. 
  • We will post your jobs on the nation’s TOP job boards where job-seekers search. 
  • Every single candidate that applies or shows interest in your job opening goes directly to you.

VIP Posting Keeps You in Control, AND Taps into Our Expertise:

  • Professional Job Post writing and weekly updating
  • Your job postings will be placed on the top 100 job boards in the USA
  • Applications go direct to you
  • Monthly reporting
  • 1 month minimum. Cancel any time.

Flat Monthly Fee of ONLY $250 per Posting/Per Month. Cancel anytime.