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Skilled Trades Recruiting is HARD to do. But Recruiting GREAT people is what we're good at! If you are the owner or manager of an Skilled Trades Company ~ Residential or Commercial ~ you know it's true. Have you ever said... 'If I just had more good people, my business would really take off!' The Blue Collar Recruiter can help you SAVE TIME & MONEY!

here's how we help you save time and money

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Need to fill Immediate Manpower ASAP?

Most residential and commercial businesses have a high technician turnover rate. Need to fill field positions immediately? We get started ASAP and find top talent for you! Let us show you how to save TIME and MONEY!

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Prepare for your Seasonal and company Growth Manpower Needs

Seasonal manpower needs and high turnover can kill your home service business. Let us help you find the most talented people so you will be ready for the upcoming season!

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Build Your Success with a Team for the Future

Top teams are not built on "free agency" alone. The best businesses build their long term teams from the ground up. We'll find, recruit and train great people who want to be a part of your long term success.

here's how we help you save time and money

01. Skilled Technicians

We will help you find talented, experienced, and vetted technicians who can hit the ground running. Hiring motivated, career-driven people makes all the difference to your business success.

02. Skilled Installers

Whether you specialize in services such as plumbing, HVAC, pool or lawn care, appliance repair or any other fields, reliable maintenance technicians are critical. We will find people who bring value to fuel company growth and success.

03. Specialty Positions

It takes a variety of experienced professionals to excel in the residential and commercial trades. Our team has the expertise to find just the right people for hard to fill roles such as AV installation, project estimating and more

04. Professional Salespeople

To be good at sales takes a special kind of person. Sales is a relationship built on gaining trust with your customers. To do this job well you need the right personality types. Whether you need help finding residential or commercial salespeople we can help you land the very best.

05. Office Staff

You’ve probably heard the saying; "You never get a second chance to make a great first impression." We can help you find the fill any office staff positions you need help with from customer service to office managers. These are very important people in your business.

06. Executives & Managers

We know the difference between a good Leader, and a good Manager- and we can help you find both. Let us help you by recruiting key people who have leadership and management experience to help your business grow, now and into the future.

You’re in good hands

Learn about Our "No Risk, Can't Lose" pricing

We offer all of our clients a simple, straight forward pricing model

  • Tell us what roles you need filled and we will begin our search and interview process.
  • We connect you to only the BEST candidates to conduct a "final" interview.
  • You only pay us after you hire one of our candidates.
  • Every placement comes with a minimum duration warranty.

You have nothing to lose. start the conversation today!